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Shopping Spree

Win a $100 Shopping Spree!

Science Bob - Shopping SpreeOur customers are awesome, and they know how to make science come alive for kids. We hear from customers all the time about how they use our products at home and in the classroom, and now we want to share your feedback, photos, and ideas with the world - and reward you as well for sharing!.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1 - Buy a product from Science Bob Store (that was easy)
  • Step 2 - Snap some pictures or shoot a video of the product in action
  • Step 3 - Submit the pictures or video for us to post on the product page

If we publish your picture or video, you are entered to win our $100 Shopping Spree - it's that easy! We will take the names of all those that have published pictures or videos that month and choose one lucky submitter at random each month. They get $100 to buy anything they want on the site! We may also post their picture on our blog or even use it on our catalog.

Tips for getting published:

  • Be creative! We like to think our products are fun, so take pictures or video that shows the fun-factor.
  • Provide a caption for the photo.
  • If you're making a video review, be sure it shows the product in action, makes sure it's well lit, and make your video under 2 minutes.
  • No URL links on photos or videos, please

Send Us a Photo or Video

email at:

Rest assured that the Science Bob Store never shares any information such as names or email addresses with anyone. We hate junk mail as much as you do.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your photo or video to the Science Bob Store:

  • You warrant that you own all copyright in the submitted photo/video or that you have permission from the copyright owner.
  • You grant us permission to post your photo/video on the sciencebobstore.com website as well as our newsletter, and print media.
  • You understand that not all photos or videos that are submitted are necessarily published to the site.