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Bacteria Growing Kit - Science Fair Size

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If you are looking to gross out some friends and family (and carry out serious scientific analysis at the same time) you will want to try out our bacteria growing kit. It includes everything you need to get started - you just supply water and bacteria (don't worry, it's everywhere.) This is perfect for science fair experiments because so many variables can be tested for bacteria growth such as:

  • Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's mouth?
  • How long do bacteria live on a surface?
  • Do antibacterial soaps effectively kill bacteria?
  • Where is the most bacteria in your school?
  • Which door handle in the school has the most bacteria?
  • Does toothpaste kill bacteria in your mouth?
  • Do dark socks create more bacteria in a shoe than white socks.
  • Which surface cleaner kills the most bacteria?

Our science fair kit includes:

  • 6 large (10 cm wide) plastic Petri dishes
  • Nutrient agar powder for creating the growth medium for the bacteria
  • 6 Extra-long wooden shaft cotton swabs for collecting samples
  • Beaker for preparing the agar (not shown)
  • Stirring stick
  • Complete instructions to carry out your experiment

In the right conditions, the bacteria usually starts growing in 4-5 days. Components are non-sterile and are not intended for medical use. For ages 8 and above with adult supervision.

Customer Feedback:
Brandon from South Carolina used this kit to test whether or not double-dipping a chip spreads bacteria. His mom, Amy, writes: "My son won 1st place overall for his school!!! He wowed the judges and now is heading to the local University for the area competition in three weeks. I am so glad you were able to assist us. Thanks again and we look forward to working with your products in the future." Congratulations Brandon!


What to do with my cultures when I am finished with my experiment?

  • When your experiment is complete, always dispose of your cultures properly.
  • Always destroy the microorganisms before disposing of dishes in the trash.
  • Have an adult pour a small amount of a strong disinfectant such as household bleach over the colonies while holding the Petri dish over a sink.
  • Caution - never allow any strong disinfectant such as bleach touch your skin, eyes or clothes. It may burn! Always get help from an adult.




Which area of your school has the most bacteria? 


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Shannon K. writes: Some of our over achievers from my sons class! These are after a week.

Sara B. writes: My family and I had a blast making our gross discoveries in the Petri dish! We tried three different swabs for one container. Behind the kitchen sink, behind the bathroom sink, and the toilet handle. Ew gross lol. So much fun!! Thanks!


Product Reviews

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  1. Fun project

    Posted by Jennifer on 02 25 2016

    We enjoyed seeing whose mouth was the dirtiest. The cool weather caused a slower-growing project than we hoped for, but it still won 1st place at science fair. The agar bubbled over much faster during prep than the instructions warn. Watch it closely!

  2. Great kit

    Posted by Unknown on 05 25 2015

    Easy to use and directions were user friendly.

  3. WORKED!

    Posted by Unknown on 04 12 2015

    My son had a science project to do and we ordered these, they work just like they said they would! Pretty neat to grown your own bacteria!

  4. Great for our project

    Posted by Unknown on 03 26 2015

    My daughter did a project on bacteria on school water fountains. (Bleck). It was great, the instructions were clear.

    I only wish it had some handout on the different kinds of bacteria and what to look for.

  5. Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 10 25 2014

    Quick delivery, easy to set up, allowed my 3rd grader to have a very positive first science fair experience.

  6. The BEST!!!!!!

    Posted by The dirty dirty doorknob crew on 10 21 2014

    We used this product for science fair and got 1st place!!!!!! I recommend!!!!!

  7. Great product for SF!!

    Posted by Blake on 09 29 2014

    The product was easy to use and made the project a great success!

  8. Works Great

    Posted by Jake on 02 06 2014

    This product works great for the experiment I did. I followed the directions and I got what I needed. If you ever need to grow bacteria, this is the kit to buy.

  9. fun and gross

    Posted by Unknown on 01 02 2014

    This is the second kit I've purchased and both have worked perfect with easy to follow instructions and fun ideas this kit is worth its wt in gold. The kids had a blast testing stuff around the house and watching the results grow right before their eyes thx for a great product.

  10. Interestingly Disgusting

    Posted by Steve Burkeville, VA on 12 09 2013

    Much better than any project I did as a kid. Easy to follow instructions.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 18 | Next